10 signs you’re addicted to social media

Industry - December 19th, 2014

Image credit: Lucia Pang

How many of these do you do? Be honest! We’ve done a lot more than we’d like to admit…

1. You use hashtags in text messages. And in everyday conversation. #guilty

2. Oh, my status update only got two likes? Delete.

3. It takes you more than 10 minutes to workshop a tweet.

4. If your friends take a photo with you, they’re not allowed to upload it until you’ve approved it. You know that untag button very well.

5. Your phone’s camera roll is approximately 87% selfies. In case you get on the news, you want them to use a good photo, right?

6. You have no qualms about standing up on your chair in a restaurant to get the perfect bird’s eye view photo of your meal for Instagram.

7. On that note, you specifically order things on the menu or buy clothes because you know they’ll look totes rad with the Valencia filter.

8. You have apps that send you notifications when someone unfollows you. HOW DARE THEY.

9. You know what SFS and FFF mean.

10. You want to tick off ‘Get one of my tweets on a reality show’ off of your bucket list.