5 tips to boost your blog views using social media

Tips & Tricks - June 6th, 2014


So you’ve got a new blog; now to seek out your readers! It’s time to create a social media profile and engage new followers with these tips.

1.     Pick a niche and stick to it.

Give followers what you promise. For example, if you’ve labeled yourself as a fashion blogger, but are frequently posting about food, then you’ll confuse your audience!

2.     Unify your usernames, profile photos and bios.

By keeping your online persona consistent, you’ll create a brand that is easily recognisable and searchable. If your profiles are different for each platform, potential followers will find it hard to realise that the accounts are all yours.

3.     Know the different uses of each social media platform.

Cutting and pasting the same content into each of your social media accounts doesn’t utilise the unique advantages of each platform. For example, Instagram is primarily image focused, so most users are likely to keep scrolling past a photo with a text-heavy caption.

4.     Notice patterns in the times people use different social media.

Think about how long people spend on social media at different times of the day. Twitter is almost always busy so you can get away with tweeting whenever you like, but during 9am to 5pm, for example, it’s likely that Facebook users would skip the link you posted because they’re too busy to check it out.

5.     Interact with your audience AND community.

Encourage your followers to engage in conversations with you by responding to comments and get to know what content they respond to. Also, keeping up to date on the social media of similar blogs will help you stay relevant and on top of trends.