New iPhone ad for parents is so cute

Industry - July 11th, 2014

Even if you’re still teaching your ‘rents how to use emoji’s and that tagging themselves in photos of you on Facebook is kind of weird, they will at least be able to relate to this.

Apple’s newest ad, released on their YouTube channel on Sunday (notably, the seventh anniversary of the original smartphone’s release), will undoubtedly have your parents wishing that they had smartphones bringing you up.


In the TV ad, iPhones are used to help teach children how to brush their teeth, study over FaceTime if parents are away and monitor the temperatures of your kids when they’re sick.

It’s clever, it’s cute, and it really does make you want to buy an iPhone if you’re a parent and you don’t have one already.

And if you’re closer to being a fully-fledged adult than you are to a child, then you can take comfort in the fact that if this is what iPhones can do now, just imagine what they’ll be able to do when you have a family. No baby sitter needed.