Could this little machine ruin the beauty business?

Our Radar - May 26th, 2014

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It looks like soon we might be able to swap visiting the cosmetics counter for making our own at home.

Grace Choi, an inventor who was sick of the beauty industry charging exorbitantly high prices for cosmetics, has created a desktop 3D printer that creates real and useable makeup. Real. Useable. Makeup.

Choi says that the ink used to create the colours in the makeup is the same FDA-approved ink that printers use.

The concept behind the printer, Mink, is simple. First you find a colour that you want to print by searching online. By using the colour picker tool to find out the colour code, you can then create an image on Photoshop or Microsoft Paint using that colour. Then simply press print like you would a regular document.

The product comes out in a little tray and looks just like real makeup.

At this stage, the printer can make creamy lipsticks and powdery eye shadows, and it is set to retail for $US300.