5 tips to get more likes on Instagram

Apps We Love & Tips & Tricks - September 12th, 2014

Let’s not lie, it’s soul crushing when that amazing photo you uploaded just fell short of hitting the magical 10 likes. So here are some simple tips on how to boost your like counter, so you can get back to #doubletapping!

1. Post regularly, but only your best photos.

Stick to one or two pictures a day at most because it’s easy to scroll past repetitive posts. If you want to upload an album, use Facebook!

2. Use #hashtags.

Seven is the magic number. Too little and you’re reducing the chances of new users seeing your photo; too many and you may appear a tad bit desperate! Also keep in mind what the popular hashtags are and use them where you can.

3. Engage with the Instagram community.

It’s important to interact with your followers and the people that you follow. It’s social media, it’s meant to be social! Liking and commenting on other users’ images can also encourage them to do the same, or at the very least, visit your profile.

4. Watch the clock.

When you post a photo, you want others to see it, right? Try uploading your pictures at times where people are most likely going to be logged on, such as around midday during the week to catch people on their lunch break, or after dinner time when people tend to relax.

5. Follow a theme.

People tend to follow others because they want to see more of their posts. For example, a foodie might follow a chef to see more photos of their dishes. Pick a theme for your Instagram (and stick to it!), and your following will grow with followers who want more.