Glimpse: The app taking over Tinder

Apps We Love - August 15th, 2014

Image via: Glimpse on the App Store.

Swipe left, left, left, left, right, left, left. It can get a little dull. And even when you do find a match on reigning dating app Tinder, the attraction is only based on looks rather than common interests. Shallow? Yes. The foundation for a new relationship? Hmm, maybe not. But that’s where Glimpse comes in…

Glimpse, released over the past week, is a smartphone app that connects users based on what they post on Instagram. Upload a photo of your cool coffee art at the local caffeine joint? Well, so did Brad, who happens to live in the suburb as you. Maybe you should meet?

While not created specifically as a dating app, it could very well be used as one, because it helps you meet people in the area around you (and globally if you so fancy!) who have posted similar Instagram photos as you based on your tagged locations and hashtags. #coolright

Image via: Glimpse on the App Store.

So next time you get a match on Tinder and you have nothing to say besides, “Nice profile photo. Wanna date?” check out Glimpse and you can skip the awkwardness with a mutual love for #ootds or #fitspo.

But you don’t have to swipe in fear of receiving explicit messages from your match ups, because you have the option to approve who you want to chat to. Who knows, you might just meet your new partner or best friend bonding over your favourite photo editing app!