Welcome to my (Google) Domain

Industry & Our Radar - June 27th, 2014

Screenshot: Google Domains.

Is there anything Google can’t (or find out how to) do?

The search engine is going full steam ahead with its latest service, Google Domains, which allows users to register their own websites.

Google Domains will offer users a range of features, most notably branded email accounts, customisable sub-domains to create separate pages on your website, and mobile site management.

Screenshot: Google Domains.

Should you choose to register your site, you can also skip .com and choose from gTLDs (generic top- level domains) like .photography and .guru, with more options set to be released.

A one-year subscription to hold your domain name is $12, which is reasonable considering most competitors charge around $10-$12.

While it is still in the beta stage and currently invite-only to use, you can still check it out here.