How to get more Instagram likes

Apps We Love & Industry & Tips & Tricks - December 5th, 2014

Because sometimes even a string of hashtags won’t cut it.

Whether you post an occasional pic of your pet or practically live your life through social media, you’ve probably wondered what makes a photo ‘likeable’. Well according to a study by Curulate, there’s actually a formula to taking the perfect Insta-pic. Read on and let the likes roll in!

    • Feeling blue: Images that are dominantly blue receive 24 per cent more likes than mainly red ones. No wonder beachy Instagram feeds like Saboskirt get such huge followings!


    • Nice hue: Images that are dominated by one particular colour receive the most likes. So when setting up your shots keep in mind that a busy pic may not always be the best one!


    • It does matter if you’re black or white: Photos with 0 – 15 per cent colour receive 18 per cent more likes than more vibrantly colored images. Take this example from @narssisist– mainly monochrome with just a pop of pink.


    • Give them some space: 90 per cent of the image to be precise. Having background space around the subject of the image helps the consumer focus on the content, instead of scrolling past a visually busy photo.


    • Lighten up: Brighter images receive 24 per cent more likes than dark images, so make sure your pics are well lit and vibrant to encourage that double tap.


    • Try texture: Skip visually ‘flat’ images and try shooting with high levels of texture. That means taken clear and sharp images, so the detail of your shots can shine through.


Thanks to Fashionista for sharing the fab tips above!