Life in 140 characters: How to create the perfect tweet

Industry - May 9th, 2014

You know that feeling when you get retweeted and you high-five your smartphone? No? Just me?

Being retweeted is one of the most flattering things that can happen on Twitter (other than someone you admire following you) but what makes a tweet, well, retweetable?

While 140 characters or less might not sound like much, it’s actually ample space to add something worthwhile and shareable into the Twittersphere. So make the most of them with these tips.

  1. Short stuff: Tweets less than 100 characters give retweeters space to add their two cents.
  2. Link me: URLs are long, tweet-space-hogging things. Use to cut them down to size.
  3. #TagYou’reIt: Add popular hashtags to make your tweet searchable and expand your audience past your follower list. Keep an eye on trending topics too and join the conversation!
  4. Where’s it at? If you mention anyone, be it a person or brand, add their Twitter @-handle to let them know you’re talking about them. Everyone loves sharing positive tweets about them.
  5. Tweet talk your followers: Ask yourself, would you click on this tweet? Know your followers, notice what they respond well to on your feed and give them what they followed you for.


And just remember… #KeepItShortAndTweet!