Michelle Phan’s copyright case

Our Radar - August 1st, 2014

Image via @michellephan on Instagram.

Michelle Phan, a beauty YouTuber with almost 7 million subscribers is facing copy right infringement charges from Ultra Records, for apparently using music from their artists without permission in nearly 50 cases.

But wait a minute. If you were a musician and your music was used in one of Michelle Phan’s videos that regularly clock more than 1 million views internationally, wouldn’t that be great exposure?

Grammy-nominated artist Kaskade (who is signed to Ultra Records) seems to think so, and is quick to defend the beauty blogger on Twitter, who has used his music in her videos previously.

However in copyright infringement cases where the use of content has actually boosted sales, companies can still sue a default penalty of up to US$150,000 per violation.

But a spokesperson for Michelle Phan says that she actually did receive permission from Ultra Records and she now intends to fight back with a counterclaim.

Michelle Phan and Kaskade in 2010. Image via @michellephan on Instagram.

“Michelle’s intention has always been to promote other artists, creating a platform for their work to be showcased to an international audience. Kaskade, whose music has been featured in Michelle’s videos, has publicly defended Michelle against Ultra’s claims and acknowledges the success he’s gained from her support,” says her spokesperson, as reported here.

It’s simply social media shout outs at their best. Michelle, if you ever want to #SFS, please do be my guest!