Would you wear your phone on your wrist?

Our Radar - June 16th, 2014

Image care of: Mac Rumours

Want accessories that are functional as they are fashionable? There have been reports that an Apple ‘iWatch’ has gone into production.

Apple has yet to confirm the rumours, but there has been talk that the wearable tech accessory will be released in the second half of this year.

This begs the question: Would you want to wear your phone on your wrist? Assuming that the watch-like design has all of the basic functions of your smartphone, are you prepared to take and make calls like a spy into a secret device?

As for the screen, it is safe to speculate that it would be smaller than the iPhone, therefore reducing the amount of functions and apps that you can comfortably use.

With less than desirable results following the release of the Pebble smartwatch and the Galaxy Gear, it will be interesting to see the public’s reception to this rumoured iWatch.

At least the release of the iPhone 6 is coming this September. That’s surely enough to satiate the hunger of iDevice users – that is, until the next model is announced!